Centurion is a trading company established in 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. Its inception stems from the collaboration of experts in the industry and their vision to bring a different approach to the business.

With the ever-growing efficiency of physical energy markets, and the over-exploitation of standard trading routes, marginality has consistently eroded and bigger trading houses are forced into large positions, heavy on paperwork and with enormous physical volume term contracts. We at Centurion have decided to take another angle.

Coupling the more than 30 years of combined trading experience with our in depth knowledge of niche markets mostly ignored by larger trading houses, we specialize in the sourcing, marketing and distribution of Oil-Products and Softs mainly from Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Risk management solutions, break-bulk cargos for a more effective size approach, and a diversified supply configuration enable us to better serve our clients and offer solutions tailored to their specific needs.