Two founders. One vision.

Ostap Nekhoda

Ostap Nekhoda comes with over 10 years of trading experience. Of Ukrainian origin, he grew up and lives in Switzerland, where he has built a successful trading career.

In his last position as Director and partner, he has participated in the fulgurant growth of one of Geneva’s latest success stories, Element.

Trading and trade finance are at the core of his knowledge.

Sergii Koretskyi

Sergii Koretskyi has an extensive experience in top management.

Leading WOG as their CEO until 2019, he successfully managed a company of 8 000+ people, one of Ukraine’s largest business entities with a turnover of more than $2 billions.

His corporate approach and expertise has allowed him to build one of the strongest brands, and not only overcome but grow throughout two economic crises.

Swiss office

We structured the company to reflect a realistic and cost-efficient approach.

A part of the management team, as well as trading, risk and trade finance units are located in Geneva.

Proximity with counter-parties and banks holds the key to success in our business.

Ukrainian office

We are pursuing controlled costs, quality people and presence in one of our local markets

In Kyiv, we have two key departments, operations and accounting.

An additional trading unit and project-focused staff complete our Ukrainian branch.